Save Mother Earth


by Liz E. Ricci
What's happening to Mother Earth? Global warming, floods, melting glaciers, destruction of rain forests, polluted air, land and water, animals becoming endangered and possibly facing extinction.
What have humans done to contribute to the destruction of the Earth and its creatures? What are we willing to do to make a change?

The Day Mother Earth Got Sick (excerpt)

Mother Earth woke up one morning.
She sat up in her bed.
Her stomach felt quite queasy.
There was an aching in her head.

Her creatures gathered 'round her.
They asked what could they do.
She told them of the Healer,
to help her feel brand new.

She sent them in four directions,
to find the one called Healer.
Wherever near or far,
they'd find the one to heal her.

Find out what happens to Mother Earth. Do the animals find the Healer? What happens to them along the way? What is the message to us about how we can heal Mother Earth?
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